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InstitutionProgram (Season)Decision & DateSt1Date AddedNotes
KAUST ( King Abdullah University Of Science And Technology)Adv. Materials Science And Engineering, Masters (F17)Interview via E-mail on 28 May 2017 O28 May 2017
  • R4 Thank you! But I really am worried, cause I checked my mail and they literally contacted me 2 days after the Academic interview for the personal date, I'm just thinking the worst cause when they asked if I applied for other universites I said yes as a back up plan so maybe they will think I don't want it enough, also I mentioned getting Educational diploma to prepare for becoming a teacher ( as another back-up plan if everything else didn't work and i couldn't find a decent job ) I couldn't say all that , cause as soon as I said I got that and she asked what's the use of that and i said it's to prepare me into becoming a teacher she cut me saying ah I see and moved on .. so yeah they probably don't like me so I'm not gonna keep my hopes up 😔 even tho I really wanted to get in .. Okay I'm sorry I keep on bothering you with my questions and I might bother you one more time later on if I got a good news ( or bad ) I'll try to share it here , I hope everything work out well for you tho " I know you got accepted, I mean everything else 😊 " and have a nice day ! And for the other person asking about why they haven't contacted him/her yet. I'm not sure but try calling these numbers 0128083446 / 0128083422 / 0128083463 ( they all start with 00966 if you're not from Saudi Arabia , so the first number for example will be 00966128083446 ) those are all the numbers I use to call and got a call from KAUST thro . So i hope that helps and good luck !
London School Of Economics (LSE)Msc Economy, Risk And Society, Masters (F17)Other via Other on 28 May 2017 A28 May 2017
  • Has anyone heard from this program? Its still listed as open and I'm wondering if they are waiting on all applicants before making decisions.
Western Michigan UniversityPhilosophy, Masters (F17)Accepted via E-mail on 2 May 2017 I28 May 2017
University Of WaterlooPublic Service, Masters (F17)Other via Other on 28 May 2017 O28 May 2017
  • I am starting to lose hope at this point. I haven't seen anyone else post here about an acceptance. I read on a different forum that they received around 325 apps, but the program cap is 45-52. If anyone has any info/update on this program PLEASE, I'm begging, post here
ีUniversity Of Southern California (USC) - Viterbi School Of Engineering( EE ) Electrical Engineering, Masters (F17)Accepted via Website on 23 May 2017 I28 May 2017
  • surprisingly got a late admission for Fall 2017 ! Already accepted an offer from UCSB but I'm going to decline it over USC. Any late admits have problem submitting SIR since May 15 deadline is over ?what should I do?
KAUST ( King Abdullah University Of Science And Technology)Computer, Electrical And Mathematical Sciences And Engineering, Other (F17)Interview via E-mail on 28 May 2017 I28 May 2017
  • Hello people, I had a half-hour long interview with my professor for a VSRP internship and she approved my application. I was then informed of a personal interview with the graduate affairs office and it has been a month with not response from them. I tried emailing and calling but to no avail. I know this insn't a Phd but should they at least notify of the status, knowing that I do not require any visa for the program. Thanks
University Of British Columbia (UBC)Bioengineering (Biomedical Engineering), Masters (F17)Accepted via E-mail on 25 May 2017 I28 May 2017
Nanyang Technological University (NTU) SingaporeECE (Electrical And Electronics Engineering), PhD (F17)Other via E-mail on 28 May 2017 I28 May 2017
  • I was informed by my potential supervisor that it would be the week before last or early last week however until now there isn't a change in my application yet. So I'm hoping the results are out this week
University Of British Columbia (UBC(Civil) Structural Engineering, Masters (F17)Other via Other on 28 May 2017 I28 May 2017
  • To the poster who got admit for Masc in structures(civil). Can you please share your profile. Thanks
KAUSTBIOSCIENCE, Masters (F17)Accepted via Website on 28 May 2017 U28 May 2017
  • Yes, I remember I was ready with the science questions. I tried pulling the interviewees to Science subjects and about things mentioned in my CV but they didn't show much interest. I think they want to make sure that you're a researcher material, like speaking and carrying yourself under pressure. I would make time for other things to prepare for my interview if I were you. try watching youtube videos on interview tips. take a look at the interview tips email that they've sent. I wish you the best of luck, nothing to worry about. you passed the harder step.
Nova Southeasten UniversityCDDS Speech Language Pathology, Masters (F17)Interview via E-mail on 16 May 2017 O28 May 2017
  • Had my interview on May 25th! Was very scripted on their end. I was told I would find out very soon. Will update with a decision!
Northwestern University(Civil) Structural Engineering, Masters (F17)Rejected via E-mail on 27 May 2017 I27 May 2017
University Of Texas At Austin (UT Austin)( ECE ) Electrical And Computer Engineering - Software Engineering, Masters (F17)Accepted via E-mail on 22 May 2017 Undergrad GPA: 3.00
GRE General (V/Q/W): 150/164/3.50
GRE Subject: n/a
A27 May 2017
  • Gave up hope and finally got an admit. What a pleasant surprise! Accepted immediately. Computer Science undergrad from RECT/NITT, India with 25 years experience in US.
Technical University Of Munich (TUM)Civil & Environmental Engineering - Environmental Engineering, Masters (F17)Accepted via Website on 26 May 2017 I27 May 2017
  • TOEFL 107/120. 2 years of work experience, no publications. Assistance to several seminars and conferences. No GRE. I was accepted after I took an interview which I think went great, I'm extremely happy!
University Of AlbertaResource Economics And Environmental Sociology, Agricultural And Resource Economics, Masters (F17)Accepted via E-mail on 27 May 2017 Undergrad GPA: n/a
GRE General (V/Q/W): 0/168/0.00
GRE Subject: n/a
I27 May 2017
  • Got a nice letter from a faculty member. Waiting for an official letter next week.

Status1 Key: A: American; U: International, with US degree; I: International, without US degree; O: Other; ?: Unknown.

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