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Recent admission results

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InstitutionProgram (Season)Decision & DateSt1Date AddedNotes
The University Of TorontoCivil Engineering (Structural), Masters (F17)Accepted via E-mail on 27 May 2017 27 May 2017
  • Applied for MEng and recieved MEng. Domestic Applicant.
Degroote School Of Business, McMaster UniversityFinance, PhD (F17)Accepted via E-mail on 23 May 2017 27 May 2017
Georgia TechBiological Science, Masters (F17)Rejected via Website on 27 May 2017 Undergrad GPA: 3.40
GRE General (V/Q/W): 145/168/3.00
GRE Subject: n/a
U27 May 2017
  • Professor contacted me on Dec 2016, said she will admit me to this program (yes and it is only master). It took GT 6 months to review the profile and finally reject me. I sent about 5-8 long e-mails to both program and department. Nothing heard back. It is a shame that how GT inefficient and unprofessional handing the applicants. If reject me, then tell me. More ironically, I got offer from McGill in the end, which is much better than GT for my major. (Medical orientation). I still can not believe even they accept a student late in May, who hell will go there......
KaustBiosciences, Masters (F17)Accepted via Website on 27 May 2017 U27 May 2017
  • Please feel free to ask as many questions as you want. don't be shy! so I received an Email saying that time slots were available. when I checked I think it was the only option to choose :P. one thing I want to you to keep in mind that that same day of the week I had my academic interview was the same day I've been invited for the last interview. in other words, if your academic interview was on a Monday then I think you'll have your second and third interview on other Mondays (not sure though) so maybe this will help you fix your schedule. I didn't ask for a change in time slots but I think if you contacted anyone then they should help you out but in my opinion, the sooner you take that interview the better (don't ask why, it's just me.). about the interview, to me it was a mix of both. I think I would've been very prepared if I have went over my CV and the Personal statement I submitted and to keep up with the advances in my field (I'd use them to change topics:P). they asked about my university and what I thought about it. they asked about what I liked to do in my free time and things like that really. I think they have made their decision before even seeing me but I could be wrong. anyway, I would say that they will change your interview date if you provided the right reasons. I think this answers your questions. I wish you the best of luck. ramadan mobark! I'll be more than happy to answer other questions. don't be shy!
Ryerson UniersityMSc Management Science (MMSc), Masters (F17)Other via Other on 26 May 2017 O26 May 2017
  • Any one who got admission MSc Management at Ryerson in late April or May? International or domestic? GPA and IELTS?
London School Of EconomicsPolitical Economy Of Europe, Masters (F17)Accepted via Website on 26 May 2017 A26 May 2017
  • Received acceptance today. Submitted application on 26 April.
Emerson CollegeSpeech Language Pathology, Masters (F17)Accepted via E-mail on 26 May 2017 A26 May 2017
  • Just accepted off the waitlist! Already enrolled and decided on a different school but honored to have received an ultimate acceptance, my 4th one :)
Radford UniversityOccupational Therapy, Masters (F17)Accepted via E-mail on 16 May 2017 Undergrad GPA: 3.87
GRE General (V/Q/W): 152/145/4.00
GRE Subject: n/a
A26 May 2017
Wayne State (WSU)Social Work, Masters (F17)Accepted via E-mail on 26 May 2017 A26 May 2017
  • They were the last school that I have been waiting to hear from. I will be turning them down and going to either MSU or U of M if they accept me from their waitlist. 4a/1r/1w/0p
University Of TorontoInformation, Masters (F17)Other via Other on 26 May 2017 O26 May 2017
  • Has anyone with a 3.0-3.3 undergrad CPGA gotten accepted to the program?
McGill UniverisityBiotechnology, Masters (F17)Accepted via E-mail on 23 May 2017 I26 May 2017
  • U.K. Mid 2.1 in Biology from a Russel Group University
Purdue University West Lafayette( ECE ) Electrical And Computer Engineering - Control, PhD (F17)Accepted via E-mail on 21 Feb 2017 I26 May 2017
  • Got admitted in February. Still couldn't manage any funding. Decided to go with self funding for a semester. Anyone here in my position?
Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETH Zurich)Computer Science - General, Masters (F17)Accepted via E-mail on 26 May 2017 I26 May 2017
  • European bachelor's degree with two strong letters of recommendation. Did not do a GRE.
University Of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)(Civil) Structural/Earthquake Engineering, Masters (F17)Accepted via E-mail on 20 May 2017 I26 May 2017
Montclair State UniversityClinical Psychology, PhD (F17)Interview via E-mail on 26 May 2017 A26 May 2017
  • Just got an email from the Director
Cambridge UniversityPolitical Thought And Intellectual History MPhil, Masters (F17)Other via Website on 26 May 2017 I26 May 2017
  • Moved to BoGS
Columbia University, Teachers CollegeCommunicative Science And Disorders, Masters (F17)Other via Other on 26 May 2017 O26 May 2017
  • Has anyone on the waitlist heard anything, be it an acceptance or rejection?
Technischen Universität München (TU Munich)Computational Mechanics M.Sc., Masters (F17)Rejected via E-mail on 26 May 2017 Undergrad GPA: 3.20
GRE General (V/Q/W): 160/162/4.00
GRE Subject: n/a
I26 May 2017
  • 64 points out of 100. Minimum 75 for admission.
University Of Alberta (U Of A)Advanced Mechanical Engineering, Masters (F17)Other via Other on 26 May 2017 I26 May 2017
  • To the poster below. What reason did they give? Also thesis or non-thesis?
Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETH Zurich)Electrical Engineering And Information Technology, Masters (F17)Rejected via E-mail on 22 May 2017 Undergrad GPA: 3.35
GRE General (V/Q/W): 158/162/3.50
GRE Subject: n/a
U26 May 2017
  • Bologna autumn application.
Ryerson University, CanadaMechanical And Industrial Engineering (MIE), Masters (F17)Other via Other on 26 May 2017 I26 May 2017
  • Hello to the poster below. No I did not contact a supervisor since it wasn't required of me. But you did a good job finding one before applying. I just sent Adriana an email. Will keep you updated. Cheers
NYU Tandon School Of EngineeringData Science, Masters (F17)Wait listed via E-mail on 10 Apr 2017 I26 May 2017
  • This is frustrating, I can't believe they are holding off on results like this.
University Of WaterlooPublic Health And Health Systems, PhD (F17)Other via Other on 26 May 2017 I26 May 2017
  • to the poster below. I was able to get in torch with Krista after many trials that ended in voice machine. She said she just resumed after a long period that she is just catching up. meaning she could not tell me anything. Let us hope that next week will be better. But someone told me he has received his admission decision, that is the part i cannot reconcile.
University Of Southern California(Computer Science ) General, Masters (F17)Accepted via Website on 1 Mar 2017 I26 May 2017
  • guys, add me on whatsapp: +7 707 375 2820. New CS MS at USC, lets join
Concordia UniversityM.A Educational Studies, Masters (F17)Accepted via E-mail on 25 May 2017 I26 May 2017

Status1 Key: A: American; U: International, with US degree; I: International, without US degree; O: Other; ?: Unknown.

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